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Tamara / New York City

Tamara moved to New York to pursue her training as a photographer and video director.

Learn how she grew up with the help of her father and how she now relates to others in her personal and professional exchanges.

Read her interview

Welcome to PortraitsdUnion

PortraitsdUnion doesn’t sell anything; we don’t advocate anything either; we are not affiliated to any organization; we are just here for you.
So what do we do?

The few people who created this site, believe that by sharing real life testimonies of how people grew up, of who helped them do so, and how they themselves turned to care for others, from their close ones to complete strangers, we can all recognize the benevolent interactions that we all benefit from without sometimes realizing how plentiful and important they are.

People care and are cared for, but this often remains unspoken. We believe that everyone's life is made richer, or simply possible, by the multiple exchanges through which we give and receive what enables us to grow and live.

On this Website, we host the testimonies of those people who have trusted us, and answered our simple questions to tell you how these exchanges are happening for them, what influences them, and what they expect out of these interactions with their close ones, their friends, and the rest of society.

There are not many interviews, just a few of them, but they come from many places and tell very different and complementary stories. We hope that by reading one or a few of them, you will relate to some of their experiences and appreciate their similarities as well as their differences.

We slowly, but continuously add more interviews as new people trust us and as we can find the time and the resources to build up the site. 

Thank you for coming here. We wish you a great reading.

This site is not only in English, but also in French, German and Spanish. We hope that many more people will be able to enjoy it and share their own experiences through the Forum.
You opinion is important too. Please tell us what you think, even if it is brief.

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Mistress Adrienne / New York

Mistress Adrienne passed way recently. Her interview remains on PortraitsdUnion, honoring her memory.

Read her interview

Raoul / Brussels

Raoul brings order to the world around him with talent and passion

Read his interview


At nunc si ad aliquem bene nummatum tumentemque ideo honestus advena salutatum introieris, primitus tamquam exoptatus suscipieris et interrogatus multa coactusque mentiri.


If you want to know who is behind this web site and the interviews.

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